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PiPlay Portable -kickstarter

PiPlay Portable -kickstarter

 PiPlay Portable The build-it-yourself Raspberry Pi-powered portable gaming platform!

The PiPlay Portable is a gaming system kit that you build yourself.  Based around a Raspberry Pi Zero, the PiPlay Portable brings tons of awesome retro gaming right to your pocket.  Designed over the past year, we are proud to present this device to the public.

All you need to build the kit is some basic soldering skills.  The components plug right into the soldered headers that you install.  It also means you can remove and upgrade components as they become available.

PiPlay Portable PCB - Custom made 2 layer PCB
2.4" SPI TFT
AA Battery Pack  - 2 AA batteries provide ~3 hours of run-time.
12mm Buttons - 12 buttons provide all the controls needed for numerous gaming systems.
Headphone Jack - Portable tunes.

Playable Game Systems

The PiPlay Portable is powered by Retropie which includes:

MAME / Arcade
GameBoy / Color / Advance
PlayStation 1
and many more!

One build it yourself PiPlay Portable kit. Includes:

PiPlay Portable PCB
Battery Pack
Headphone Jack and Resistors
and Headers
All you need to add is your Raspberry Pi Zero and SD Card.intelligence.

 The price starting from 49$

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