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MonkMakesDuino - Kickstarter

 MonkMakesDuino - Kickstarter

A beginner-friendly Arduino Uno compatible board designed for use with solderless breadboard having a single row of pins.

The MonkMakesDuino is designed to neatly complement solderless breadboard both for the experienced hobbyist building projects and for anyone wanting to learn how to use Arduino (TM). 

The key features of the MonkMakesDuino are:

  1. Breadboard friendly - clearly labelled pins
  2. Arduino Uno compatible (Board Type: Arduino Uno in the Arduino IDE)
  3. Low-cost simple design
  4. Built in USB interface with high quality drivers available (CP2102)
  5. Polyfuse over-current protection
  6. 5V USB powered
  7. 'L' LED on pin 13

The idea for this board started with my need for a low-cost but good quality Arduino board with built-in USB to bundle with an Arduinio Kit to be part of MonkMakes range of electronic kits. Although there are several types of Arduino board that are breadboard friendly, such as the Arduino Nano and Arduino Pro Mini, I have never been totally satisfied with these boards, partly because of their relatively high cost, but also difficulty in identifying the pins. In the case of the Pro-Mini boards the need for a separate USB interface to program the boards is less than ideal for a beginner.

The MonkMakesDuino is the Arduino compatible board that I really needed but couldn't buy.

The single row of connections of the MonkMakesDuino means that it occupies most of the breadboard rows on one half of the board, leaving the other half free for the other supporting components. For example, connecting up a load of LEDs becomes really straightforward.

The price starting from 15 £

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