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Code Angel: Learn to code amazing games on a Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter

Code Angel: Learn to code amazing games on a Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter

 Code Angel is a completely new and fun way to learn how to code. We will teach you how to build fantastic games using the Python programming language.

Every Code Angel game is supported by a series of concise 'Show Me How...' video tutorials, with each tutorial explaining the purpose of a key programming construct and why it was used.

Code Angel offers a further unique level of support - we actually help you to fix any bugs in your code!
There are two versions of Code Angel, just choose which one meets your needs:

Code Angel in a Box

Code Angel in a Box is your very own Raspberry Pi computer set up with everything you need to learn to code - straight out of the box. 

Step 1 - Preview
Start by watching a brief introduction video which explains the purpose of the game and highlights some of the programming challenges that will be encountered.

Step 2 - Code
The key to learning is by doing. Enter the program listing from the Book of Code on your Raspberry Pi or home computer. Each Code Angel project includes the full Python game source code listing together with all of the graphic and audio assets required to write the game.

Step 3 - Fix
Writing computer programs inevitably results in bugs. Whilst identifying and fixing bugs can be a great way to develop coding skills, it can also be a significant stumbling block for those learning to code. To get help with bugs, upload your program code to our website and we will show you where the error is and what needs to be done to fix it. Code Angel comes with 'Angel Fix My Code' credits which can be used at any time to request help with a Code Angel program.

Step 4 - Reinforce
Once a Code Angel game is finished it's time to sit back and get a clearer understanding of the code. Every project comes with a collection of short 'Show Me How...' videos, each focusing on a specific aspect of the code and what it does. Videos are differentiated allowing you to decide the level of programming concept you want to learn. We draw on over 20 years experience of teaching coding in schools to ensure that each video tutorial provides learning of the highest quality.

Step 5 - Play
No point in writing a great game unless you are going to play it. And all of the Code Angel games have been designed to be great fun to play.

Step 6 - Experiment
Each Code Angel game has been designed to be extendable, and within each project we suggest a range of 'What next...?' ideas to extend the code further, or even to develop a new game from scratch.
Code Angel comes with 12 fantastic coding projects, each of which:

is supported by concise and differentiated video tutorials that explain how key parts of the program work
includes full code listing, graphic and audio assets
develops computational thinking skills
builds on concepts learned in previous projects
gives the learner a feeling of achievement when finished
includes a set of 'What next...?' extension ideas suggesting ways to enhance each game
is great fun to play
Code Angel is not just for kids - it works just as well for adults who want to learn to code too.

What's the point in writing a program if you can't do something fun with it? You will love playing these great games once you have written them, and your friends will love playing them too. Code Angel comes with 12 amazing game projects:

Alien Invasion
Earth is under attack from alien spacecraft, and there's only one line of defence remaining. It's down to you to stop the alien invasion and save the planet.
Forest Bomber
You are flying a secret air force mission when you discover that your fuel is running out and you will have to make an emergency landing. Can you clear a path in the forest and land your plane safely before it's too late.
Your job as a wildlife photographer means that you need quick reflexes to get the best shots. Have you got what it takes to snap some photos of the elusive forest wildlife? You have to be quick because they don't hang around!
Mini Golf
Get from the tee to the hole in as few shots as possible.
Tic Tac Toe
The classic strategy game, AKA Noughts and Crosses. In this version you have to beat the computer which has it's own artificial intelligence.

It is the year 854 AD. The world is a dangerous place, and in battle there can only be one victor. Shadowstone is a turn-based RPG strategy card game where making the correct choices is the only way to stay alive and conquer.
Jupiter Landing
As Captain of the first manned flight to Jupiter, you are in the final few minutes of a six year mission. Can you land the lunar module on the planet's surface before your fuel runs out?
Micro Racers
Two cars, multiple tracks and a high speed adrenaline rush.
The Lair of Doom
Avoid the traps, defeat the enemies, steal the diamonds and find the exits in this fast-paced multi-level platform game.
Mr Toad just wants to get home to his leafy pad. All that stands in his way is a busy road and a fast moving river in this classic retro arcade game.
The Legend of King Eldred
It is said that King Eldred's tomb contains enough gold and jewels to buy anything that the heart desires. But can you work out the clues to find where the treasure is buried? Explore the village of Wildemoor and its icy dungeons in this classic text adventure.
Snake Heart
Travel around a fantasy world meeting characters who may want to help you, or who may just as easily want to kill you. In the end only the bravest explorer will locate the mysterious Snake Heart sapphire in this top-down scrolling platform game.
In addition to the games listed above, Code Angel also includes a further 5 'Getting Started' projects designed to introduce the user to Python and the coding environment.
Code Angel in a Box
All you need to learn to code 12 amazing Python games on your very own Raspberry Pi. This reward includes:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B computer
16GB MicroSD card pre-installed with all Code Angel content ('Show Me How...' videos, audio and graphic files for each game, Python)
Code Angel Raspberry Pi case
Raspberry Pi official power supply
Code Angel Book of Code (printed version) containing all 12 Python game code listings and 'What next...?' extensions projects
Some 'Angel Fix My Code' credits

 The price starting from 10 £

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