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Mobillyo Arduino Compatible with BLE Battery and Solar Power -Kickstarter

Mobillyo Arduino Compatible with BLE Battery and Solar Power -Kickstarter

 Mobillyo Arduino Compatible with BLE Battery and Solar Power
The Mobillyo is an ATMega32u4 + nrf52 BLE + 1500mAh li-ion battery + USB + solar panel + iPhone App designed for mobile applications

As an Arduino compatible product the Mobillyo leverages the Arduino IDE and the vast code base freely available. 

 The processor is a powerful ATmega32U4 the same one as can be found on the LilyPad. 

It runs at 8MHz and 3.3V to conserve energy.

Mobile applications 
Outdoor applications
Applications where no power is available 
Application that need backup power 
A great educational device enabling teaching computer classes without boxes of jumpers, resistors, LEDs and power cords students can misplace or lose.
Teach students how solar energy works including solar panel operation, battery charging and discharging,  power management.

 1- A 1500mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that can power the Mobillyo for days. 

2- A buck-boost power converter than ensures a stable 3.3V whatever the battery voltage and converts energy at a higher efficiency than a linear regulator. Important if you are doing analog to digital conversions. 

3- Worry free battery management: the circuitry protects the battery from over charging, over discharging, short circuits and over voltages.

The iPhone App communicates with the nRF52 using the Nordic UART characteristic implementation. 

Simple ASCII based protocol.
4 LEDs with labels.
4 Push button switches with labels.
 4 Slide switches with labels.
4 Sliders with labels and maximum values.
40 Character text area. 
The source code will be available on GITHUB.

The Mobillyo is compatible with Arduino shields operating at 3.3V. There are differences from a standard Leonardo. The 6 pin ATmega32u4 header has been moved to make room for the nRF52. The VIN pin is not connected since VIN can be form 9 to 20 volts and would trigger the battery over voltage protection. The battery voltage is available on the 5V header pin through a Schottky diode and a fuse. 

The SDA and SCL are duplicated on the Arduino Leonardo, we replaced these signals on pins 2 and 3 with the TX and RX of the nRF52. 

 The price starting from 69 CAD$

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