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Tiny MS5837-30BA Pressure Sensor - I²C Arduino Compatible

Tiny MS5837-30BA Pressure Sensor - I²C Arduino Compatible

The MS5837 is a popular pressure sensor, used by hobbyists and in various professional products. It is praised for its exceptional performance:

Range: 30 bar
Resolution: 24-bit
Fast conversion: down to 0.5 ms to very high sampling rate
Low power: 0.6 µA
Temperature compensation
Standard I²C interface
Groove to host a standard o-ring for a very easy mounting
Small footprint

Why this Tiny Board?

I started using the MS5837 to design an underwater device. While its performance was attractive, soldering and mounting it proved to be a challenge. I spent a significant time mastering the know-how on soldering the device (hand soldering is near impossible) and mounting it while ensuring pressure-proofness. These challenges are obstacles to most hobbyist and professionals wishing to use the MS5837 for their project.

The price starting from 50 

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