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ArduECU,The World's First Waterproof and Rugged Arduino ECU-Kickstarter

ArduECU,The World's First Waterproof and Rugged Arduino ECU-Kickstarter

ArduECU is the world’s first rugged, IP69K waterproof, Arduino compatible, electronic control unit (ECU) to be used for harsh environments.

The circuitry inside of the IP69K waterproof rated enclosure is a self-contained Arduino-based Atmega 328P microcontroller platform that also has additional capability, durability and water resistance built-in, right out of the box. From controlling motors, servos, interfacing sensors, high voltage digital inputs and outputs, ArduECU can do all that your normal Arduino can do plus more! 

Now you can create Arduino based projects that are all so familiar, but finally rugged, waterproof and robust.

Ruggedized IP69K rated housing for use in harsh, moist environments
Compatible with Standard Arduino IDE and the open-source initiative

Built-in CAN option for vehicle and machine control applications (i.e, controlling your car, creating open-source machine controllers, viewing diagnostic information, creating an IoT-based car, etc)
Ability to connect to vehicle or machine's controller area network to view or control vehicle data
"Daisy chain" ArduECU’s together via CAN network to create expandable, remote I/O modules that expand your project only when you need it to
Adaptable to future expansion modules (shields) such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz radio, GPS, Cellular Modem, data logging, CAN J1939, current feedback sensing, analog output and accelerometers  or interface your own modules

Accepts digital and analog inputs (5-24VDC) 
 Provides digital and PWM outputs (0.1V to 24VDC)
Integrated MOSFETs and power protection on digital output pins to allow for high current capability up to 10 Amps* per pin
Stream data to internet, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular or RF expansion modules (Wi-fi for Kickstarter, others coming thereafter) 
Control ArduECU remotely via internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC

Create IoT (Internet of Things) projects with ease and use a cloud dashboard for viewing or using your data (ex. Cayenne-mydevices, Ubidots, Thingspeak, etc.) 
Available Uno breakout variant to convert your existing Arduino Uno or Arduino Uno Wi-Fi into an ArduECU with on-board prototyping area for your own creations and circuits.

Ability to add a small battery internally (ex, 9V or 3S LiPo), to create a fully autonomous control system with built-in power.
Make a waterproof battery Pack with an MK1U kit that interfaces to your other ECU's.
*Requires external fusing. Max recommended current per ECU is 30A.


ArduECU is rated to IP69K for all of your waterproof requirements. This means it is even capable for applications where you require a close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.

 Cloud Capable

ArduECU is also cloud capable which means it can stream data via ESP8266 Wi-Fi for your rugged IoT applications. Like streaming data from your backyard garden weather station (shown below).

Waterproof Housing

ArduECU's housing is based off of the Cinch ME enclosure. It is a proven enclosure for use with off-road machines, vehicles, and agricultural equipment to name a few. We've chosen this ECU enclosure since it is readily available,  rather cost effective and readily available if you ever need a replacement.

 The price starting from 59 US$

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