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Universal zero ADC / DAC & GPIO Raspberry I/O pHat - kickstarter

Universal zero ADC / DAC & GPIO Raspberry I/O pHat-kickstarter

The video is useless, Watch the official Video here

Universal Zero is an 8 port DAC / ADC / GPIO expansion pHat. Fits any 40 pin Raspberry Pi

  • read up to 8 analog 12 bit inputs (ADC)
  • write up to 8 analog 12 bit outputs (DAC)
  • read or write up to 8 digital channels (GPIO)
  • internal thermometer
  • fast 25MHz SPI, 400kSPS ADC
  • internal 2.5V (or 2x 2.5V) or external 3.3V ADC & DAC Voltage reference

It is fully software configurable. Any of the 8 pins can act as ADC (analog input), DAC (analog output) or GPIOs . It is possible create almost any

  • weather station
  • voltmeter
  • parts tester
  • digital thermometer
  • robot
  • almost any embedded device

Tou can:

  • control engines
  • read potentiometers
  • read joysticks and dials
  • read analog and digital sensors
  • provide signals for analog circuits
  • act as a digital potentiometer
  • read and write any signal (analog or digital)

The price starting from 12£

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