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Pi18650 HAT - your mobile Raspberry Pi power source kickstarter

Pi18650 HAT - your mobile Raspberry Pi power source-kickstarter

The Pi18650 is an add on HAT which plugs into the 26/40 pin connector on the Raspberry Pi. This HAT allows you to operate your Raspberry Pi without a power cable and can use various capacity 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. On board is a 1A battery charging circuit for charging the battery. 

The Pi18650 development board also includes a 4x2 100mil header for use with a ESP8266 (ESP-01) wifi module for remote monitoring and CLOUD integration.

 Included is one additional stacking header for extra clearance when stacking other HAT's on top of the Pi18650.

As an example the Raspberry Pi Zero uses approximately 87mA without and 103mA with a USB dongle plugged in. With a fully charged 3000mAh battery, the Pi would last 34.5 Hrs with nothing attached.

Technical Specifications

  • 1A Charge Current Max
  • Up to 3A for Raspberry Pi via Li-Ion Battery
  • Up to 16V DC Input for UPS and Charging
  • I2C Battery Monitoring (Python Script)
  • 18650 Single Cell Lithium Ion Holder
  • 26/40 Pin Connector for Raspberry Pi
  • USB Micro Connector for Charging
  • Jumper for Pi On/Off/Charge
  • Voltage Regulation 5.1V
  • Use as a UPS or with Solar Panel
  • Wifi Header for ESP8266 (8 Pin Board)
  • Power Robots, Motors and More

The price starting from 45 CA$

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