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uArm Swift Your Personal Robotic Assistant

uArm Swift Your Personal Robotic Assistant indiegogo

It is not only a robotic arm that you can own but also a chance to decide how you want to involve robot technology in your life. 

uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro are Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot. Thanks to the parallel-mechanism structure, the whole weight of the arm is extremely light. So that we could increase the payload in the front and keep the size of the whole robot.

In order to improve the strength of the robot, we choose square aluminum alloys instead of U aluminum alloys, which makes the whole structure not only strong but also light. With the improvement of the structure, the whole size of the robot become smaller but the moving range increased.

For the uArm Swift, we improve the normal RC servos. By adding the temp sensor into the control system, the control system will always protect the DC motor and keep it under the best condition. It's small, powerful and affordable for the beginners.

The price starting from 289USD$

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