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Robot Core - The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot Controller - kickstarter

Robot Core - The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot Controller - kickstarter

An active project on Kickstarter now called Robot Core.

The Robot Core is a robot control board for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino that brings many different elements into one awesome package! 

You can now power your Raspberry Pi, control motors, servos and read sensors without needing five additional boards to hook up. The boards can even be daisy chained to add even more functionality. 

Leveraging the design prowess of Freeburn Robotics Limited (PiBorg), we commissioned a board that combines advanced motor control, input, and power on a single core board. Plus, it looks EPIC.    

Robot Core uses I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit). I²C is a serial computer bus invented by Philips Semiconductor. I²C is a very easy to use, two wire bus, that your Pi has no problem talking with. A built-in level shifter ensures compatibility to both 3.3 volt and 5 volt I²C buses. 

You can also easily daisy chain the board and the I²C buss is compatible with hundreds of devices and sensors. 

It is compatible with all current and past generations of Raspberry Pis and with many Arduinos.  (The Raspberry Pi Zero will need 6 pin headers soldered to it).

The price starting from 58$

Visit the campaign Now on Kickstarter

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