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Hackable Raspberry Pi Power Switch with Remote Control

Hackable Raspberry Pi Power Switch with Remote Control-kickstarter

While working on my Raspberry Pi DIY projects, I need a simple on/off switch which can turn on (obviously) and gracefully shutdown the Pi.  Additionally I would also like to operate the switch with a remote control.  After searching on the market, I found that either they are too pricey or lacking the simplicity and feature that I need.

The switch is both Smart and Hackable! Out of the box, the Pi Switch has the following features:

  • Single button on/off or Infrared remote operation
  • Support "Forced" off by long press the button
  • LED light to indicate power status
  • Blink twice when Switch receives power
  • Turn On when Pi is on
  • Blinking when waiting for PI to turn off
  • Turn Off when Pi is off
  • Use standard microUSB and USB female socket

While there are similar products on the market, I want to build a switch that

  • Have a single button for both on and off - Just like most of the consumer electronics
  • Operate wirelessly using infrared remote control
  • Is Hackable -  You can reprogram the onboard MCU (Attiny85)! While it just work out of the box, it also gives the DIY-er flexibility like controlling the button press duration, reassign buttons and LED's behaviour.  All codes and instructions are included. 
  • Reasonably Priced -  Aimed to share my cool inventions and build something affordable

The price starting from 15 USD$

Visit the campaign Now on Kickstarter

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