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the Mikeybot - Kickstarter

the Mikeybot-Kickstarter

theMikey bot - a cheap wireless robot for families and schools controlled using block programming from any computer.

Most schools in the UK introduce computer coding by using a block based programming software such as Scratch, Blockly, Mblock  and Snap . They then progress to software such as Python 

Although children can learn how to move virtual sprites on the screen, there is a need for a real robot for them to test their coding skills.

What are we planning to make?

The Mikeybot is a robust iteration of a turtle type robot with the following advanced features:

Accurate drawing capability using stepper motors
Totally enclosed shell with components clearly visible 
Rechargeable with inbuilt sounder 
Accurate LED tracking module for line following
Collision detection 
Pen drawing up/down 
Uses Block and Script programming 
Works with iPads, and most other devices 
Wi-Fi hub or can join Wi-Fi network

Why do we care?

We are passionate believers in developing children’s skills in programming, and presenting them with new challenges at an affordable level, so they can become independent learners and achieve their full potential.

 The price starting from 65 US$

Visit the campaign Now on Kickstarter

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