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Bean 3D Printer - Kickstarter

Bean 3D Printer-Kickstarter

The Ultimate Consumer SLA 3D Printer
The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind.

The Bean is stylish.   It is pre-calibrated before shipping and comes with a spring loaded self-leveling build platform.

Printing at 50 micron XY resolution (capable of 10 microns Z layer thickness), the printouts of Bean has an amazing high resolution comparable to DLP 3D printers. Here again on Kickstarter, we print the same Fisherman Captain model designed by Russ Charles to illustrate the details that Bean can achieve. This model is printed at a layer thickness of 35 microns.

The Bean 3D printer has a uniform maximum build area of 2.7 in x 4.7 in (12.1 cm x 6.8 cm) and a build height of 5.9 in (15 cm). We printed 39 rings with a layer thickness of 25 microns on one platform to illustrate the uniformity. The diameter of a prong in the digital model is 0.0567 in (1.44 mm). The diameter of the printed prongs around the four corners is about 0.0563 in (1.43 mm). The diameter of the printed prongs in the center is around 0.05866 in (1.49 mm). 

Printout uniformity is greater than 95% across the platform. At a layer thickness of 50 microns, the printing speed ranges from 1 to 2 cm per hour.

 The price starting from 399 US$

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