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Thingzo: The IoT Device that Makes Things Smart

Thingzo: The IoT Device that Makes Things Smart-kickstarter

Thingzo: The IoT Device that Makes Things Smart
You can think of Thingzo as an entry into the IoT world. While the Internet of Things can be a bit intimidating at times, we can help unleash the power of the Information of Things. 

Thingzo detects the movement of objects and shows you how much time has passed since the object was last moved. With Thingzo, you’re able to find out when something happened in an area without actually being present!
Thingzo is attached to a moveable object (door, lid, etc.). Thingzo has a clock that is always running in the background. The elapsed time is updated every minute on the clear e-paper display. The display supports up to 999 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes.  

Whenever Thingzo detects movement with its accelerometer, the internal clock is reset to 0 and starts timing again. The display will indicate that Thingzo has moved, and freezes the time since the previous movement for 20 seconds so the user can take note. In this example, 15 minutes have gone by since the previous movement. When a new movement is detected, the clock is reset to 0 and begins timing again until the next time it goes.  The clock is always running, and the efficient design allows the battery to last for around 3 years.

The price starting from 25 

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