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MonsterBorg The Raspberry Pi Monster Robot

MonsterBorg The Raspberry Pi Monster Robot-kickstarter

Making robots is hugely educational, and the ThunderBorg controller and MonsterBorg robot have been built to suit all skill levels. The ThunderBorg controller is supplied with an array of software to interface to the Raspberry Pi and to control the MonsterBorg robot. It can be used via game controllers and joysticks like a remote control car, through a web-based browser like a spy-bot to creep up on your friends, and it can also be controlled autonomously using self-driving code. The robotic possibilities are endless!


  1. Up to three hours runtime!
  2. Designed for the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, B+ or Pi Zero.
  3. 4x 300 RPM Zhengke 37mm motors (pre soldered)
  4. A 3mm thick Aluminium chassis
  5. 105mm / 4 inch diameter off road wheels
  6. ThunderBorg 5A motor controller
  7. ThunderBorg Lid for 10xAA batteries
  8. Mount for the Raspberry Pi camera
  9. No soldering required

The MonsterBorg kit comes with the wires, screws, motors, hubs and wheels that you need to get it running. You need just add a Raspberry Pi, a micro SD card, 10 AA batteries, and an optional Pi camera. A Phillips (cross head) screwdriver is needed for assembly.

Included with the robot is access to several examples for this including ball following code and self-driving robot race code.
From there who knows? Perhaps add GPS/GSM to deliver a pizza to a friends’ house? The sky is the limit!

It controls 2 DC motors per board and has a powerful 5 amp per motor continuous rating.  Each board will alternatively control a 4 wire stepper. You can drive more than 2 motors by connecting motors in parallel or adding more ThunderBorgs in a daisy chain.

It has protection features including over-current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and under-voltage lockout. 
That makes it the perfect Raspberry Pi motor controller for most DC motors – whether they are tiny or huge.

The price starting from 22 USD$

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