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RaspUnderControl -Kickstarter

 RaspUnderControl -Kickstarter

Raspberry Pi is a great board, you can use for learn hardware and software, for playing your favourite retrogame (and i like very much !!!), its your best friend in today's world of micro computer.

I design the raspundercontrol board because i think the only lack in many single board computer is the famous and glorious power button like a home commputer.

The board uses an attiny85 chip for powering and interact with the RPI. The chip is programmed with Arduino IDE, you can hack and edit all the code for your needs. For example, you can change timing pressure of the button for reset function, or assign to a double-click another function on RPI.
 started to think the best way for powering the RPI, made a lot of tests with various micro relays, but i realized that the best way for my project is to use a MOSFET as a relay.

With this solution i keep the RaspUnderControl board tiny enough to connect to the rpi, and you can continue to use your favorite rpi enclosure.

With raspundercontrol you have a simple and easy power/reboot button, very useful if you plan to use your RPI in a standalone project.

main goal is to ensure that the raspundercontrol board is cheap and tiny enough to be used in all raspberry pi project. Once the campaign over, i ensure the raspundercontrol board avaiable by online hardware retailers !!

The price starting from 89US$

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