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ANAVI Infrared pHAT

ANAVI Infrared pHAT-indiegog

Convert your Raspberry Pi in a smart remote control powered by open source software and the open source hardware add-on board ANAVI Infrared pHAT!

ANAVI Infrared pHAT is an add-on that converts your Raspberry Pi to a powerful remote control and brings your old TV, HiFi or air conditioning to the era of Internet of Things (IoT). The board features:

  • 2x 5mm IR transmitters (IR LEDs)
  • IR receiver (IR photo sensor)
  • Slots for up to 3 plug and play sensors
  • UART pins for debugging

Which Raspberry Pi Versions and Models Are Supported
ANAVI Infrared pHAT is compatible with the following Raspberry Pi models and versions:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 0
  • Raspberry Pi 0 W

ANAVI Infrared pHAT is NOT compatible with the earlier 26-pin models of Raspberry Pi 1 Model B & A's

The price starting from 48 CA$

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