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TyroBot DIY Humanoid Robot Kit-Kickstarter

TyroBot DIY Humanoid Robot Kit-KICKSTARTER

Teach yourself robotics and programming in one ultimate 3D printed robot kit. Open source, high tech, and novice friendly

The dictionary defines "Tyro" as "a beginner or novice." TyroBot aims to get people started building and programming robots!

TyroBot is a kit. 3D print the parts, snap in the servos, screw in the controller, and you are up and running in under 3 hours. Don't have a 3D printer? Just back the "complete kit" option and we'll 3D print the parts for you in bright orange.

Once TyroBot is built, flip the switch and TyroBot is operational. Using the built in software, you can make TyroBot walk forward, backward, left and right without ever having to plug him into a computer. When you are ready for something more advanced, connect TyroBot to a computer and follow easy programming tutorials to make him do more advanced maneuvers. 

TyroBot's firmware comes complete with a menu system so you have complete control of your robot at all times. Select "run program" in the menu to run your arduino code, Select "settings," to view WiFi connections, or select the arrows to create a walk routine right on the robot. 

The entire robot runs on Tyro Board, a custom robotics controller based around the ATSAMD21 32 bit microcontroller. What this means is that the programs seen in the videos and images only use up 20% of TyroBot's memory. Along with the microcontroller, TyroBot has an ESP8266 WiFi module for wireless communication, a triple axis accelerometer, USB charging circuit, and a 2.8in TFT touchscreen display. The board also hosts two expansion ports for further customization. 

Complete Kit

The complete kit includes absolutely everything you need to build a TyroBot except a screwdriver, microUSB cable and a computer.

  • TyroBoard 
  • 1200mah lithium ion battery
  • 7x SG90 servo motors
  • M2 Screws
  • 11 3D printed parts

Maker's Kit

The makers kit includes everything you need to build a TyroBot, minus the 3D printed parts. TyroBot can be printed on any 3D printer with a bed size of about 100mm^3. We also offer discounts if you purchase more than one TyroBot.

TyroBot has been under development for the past year and a half, and has progressed beautifully.

 The price starting from 99 US$

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